Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) could change your tech career. The average salary for an AWS-certified developer or other technical professional is $129,868—making AWS certification one of the highest-paid certifications in the United States.

If you're new to AWS (or even just a techie in general), many of these Amazon AWS certifications are too advanced, especially since most of them require experience working in technical roles.
While real-world experience and AWS training are required to earn each certification, it's still important to understand what certification you ultimately want to earn so you can take the right training/course to achieve your goals.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLS-C02) is a foundational certification. It’s a way to prove you have a basic, high-level understanding of AWS Cloud, including what services are available and the terminology. If you have no prior IT or cloud experience, this should be your first stop.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner is also foundational in the sense you can (and often should) build upwards. It’s a great springboard to use to start studying for other AWS certifications, moving from being a beginner to a cloud specialist.

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